Monday, January 24, 2011


When nothing is left to do, we can play a few games. Or we can pull out the notebooks, read and write, draw and be happy. Sobring your games, your pencils and your notebooks. Your books or whatever makes you happy:)

Here is a guest drawing for the pleasure of Pritibi.

Here is a serious game!

The green house

It takesa greatdeal of work to take care of the farm. Come with a helpinghand and an open heart.
Thanks to Krishna for being the main man taking care of the farm. Here he is looking at the new plants in the green house, waiting to be transplanted in the garden.
Thanks to his wife for cooking and making tea. And thanks to Parvati for being the little ray of sun shine she is.


A sunset on the hill. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sky:)

The bamboo huts look great when the flowers bloom!

The farm has 6 bamboo huts, single or double. You will find your own coccoon to enjoy your stay in.


Of course when on the farm, one of the great things to do is to participate in the food making and learn a few local dishes. The farm is equipped with 2 kitchens. If you want to relax, Krhishna's wife will make you food. If you want to make your own, you can use the common kitchen.
Fo night meals, you will enjoy a nice fire meal.

Here is Ram making a lapsi jam. The lapsi grows on the farm and is a delicious caramel like taste. The nepalese make a sweet paste with it, a natural candy for healthy kids. You can find the paste in shops, sweet, sour or pickled. A great treat.

Chapati making in the kitchen with Bikas from Funky Buddha Tattoo.


One of the activities on the farm is to make didgeridoos. Cut your own bamboo, file, tune and you're ready to learn how to play didg. Didgeridoo is this Australian instument, originally carved by termites, played by arborigenes. Bamboo makes a great instrument, light and with a good sound.

Make your ownand take ithome with you:)

Now that we have made nice didg, let's go play some music in the mountain!


Music is a big part of healing. So, when you come to the farm, bring your instruments, your voice, and don't forget your ears.
Sitting around the camp fire at night, or enjoying a day of rain in the house, is a pleasure for everyone.

Let your mind wander where it will, let it all pass, take time to rest is the best healing.

Thanks to the guests for a week of music and sharing.

chiropratic session

The farm is a place of healing. The surrounding nature will quiet your mind. As various guests come by, the farm transforms into a sharing center. Together, we take time to enjoy, together we heal.

Thanks to Romain and Cedric, 2 french doctors spending a week on the farm, the guests at the farm, got treated with a chiropractic session.

If you have any skills you would like to share with others, if you want to learn, come and enjoy the farm with us:)